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general phone question .....

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I have a Nokia 515 = not a smartphone, but which suite my needs atm

I have been playing around with it lately = going into unknown territory other than call/text/camera/radio

& I'm really kinda scared that'll I get into something & have a secret/magic big bill to pay = no kidding


also recently I've taken to answering my best friend's Galaxy 6 phone, say when she goes outside the pub for a smoke & her phone receives as incoming call - it really grates & is embarrassing for me sitting at the table hearing the perpetual ringing of her phone - now without infringing her privacy at all - I've watched & learned how to just quite simply answer the phone doing the swipe finger thing & be professional after that - I do not answer any call that simply shows up eg a number/private number ..... where's this going = I now have some confidence in handling a smartphone = Cleoriff said some time ago if she can do it then so can I ..... I have about 15 months on my contract with O2 to go so I won't be switching to a smartphone anytime soon = just thought I'd like to share this with you ..... thank you


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Hi Gerry

thank you for your advice

however atm I cannot read from any book, I did post a thread a short time ago as to whether I could get audio books on my phone ..... but ..... I cannot on my little Nokia 515, which is not a smartphone but is quite sufficient for my needs ie call/text/camera/radio ..... & I have 15 months left on a 24 month contract


I've had a lot of help from the big guns on here including @aldaweb who I hope has been able to prepare for & enjoy the Christmas season so far..... what I ended up doing was = using my Yorkshire Gumption, as my 1st form in Junior class teacher Mrs Dibb would have said LOL & I had a look to see if the local town library did those audio books/tapes in taped cassette form = I used to be a regular at the library but havn't been in there for many a long time = it's a traditional hard wooden library, but with a computer suite upstairs with a limited reference book section now ..... hurray they do audio books on cd ..... I snapped up an Alan Benett one = Untold Stories with him as the narrator = job's a good 'un ..... checking out process & checking in process all high tech

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I am so sorry to hear of your reading problem @Anonymous Silly of me to suggest a book - just one more example of my recurrent foot in the mouth disease.
As regards the variety of ways to skin cats - I think I'd better refrain from comment except to ponder "why would anyone want to do that? Is it an old Yorkshire custom?" 😊
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hi Gerry

it's an old Yorkshire custom to:

see all, say nowt ..... sup all, pay nowt ..... & if tha does summut do it for thisen Bouncy

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