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Summer Solstice - 1st Day of Summer :)

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Hooray! ... the sky is pale blue all over ... the sun is rising over the hills ... it feels fresh outside ... It's the 1st day of Summer 2018 ... Yay! ... no particular plans for today, but may have a 99 ice cream cornet & eat it sitting on one of the seats along the canal towpath ... then, should have a walk up the park as it promises to be such a lovely day = here's hoping ... no, I've not looked at the weather forecast on my phone ... the birds are now a-twittering bird

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Re: Summer Solstice - 1st Day of Summer :)

Otherwise known as 'The longest day'.

1000's of people are expected to flock to Stonehenge to see the sunrise  Summer Solstice

I don't know about anyone else but I don't think the nights are as light as they used to be years ago?

I can remember not needing to put my lights on or draw the curtains till nearly 10pm....now it's nearer 21.30?

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Re: Summer Solstice - 1st Day of Summer :)

Funnily enough we were in Morecambe a few weeks ago and thought that it got dark really late - sat around the table in the caravan with no lights until about 10pm.
Was definitely dark last night at 9.30 as had to keep getting the security light to come on to see what I was doing!

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Re: Summer Solstice - 1st Day of Summer :)

Yes @Cleoriff and @gmarkj I had my light on just after 9pm last night. I thought the days started to get shorter after the longest day not before. Very strange.
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Re: Summer Solstice - 1st Day of Summer :)

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I read too quickly @WispaRed7 and thought you said you were planning to have 99 ice creams! Smiley Very Happy 


Happy start of summer everyone! sun sunflower  My favourite time of the year! Bouncy Cheers


Oh yes I'm not sure about the exact time of spring/summer when it happens, but in Northern Finland we have some days when the sun does not go down at all. Smiley Tongue

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