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Re: Safe Journey Jonsie :)

Best of luck @jonsie! I hope you have a safe and pleasant trip home! smile

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Re: Safe Journey Jonsie :)

Hope the travelling goes smoothly, @jonsie!


See you on the other side Fear


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Re: Safe Journey Jonsie :)

No doubt we will have a few posts whilst roaming various bars in Thailand rofl

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Re: Safe Journey Jonsie :)

@Cleoriff wrote:

No doubt we will have a few posts whilst roaming various bars in Thailand rofl

I really should go to Specsavers. I misread that ^^^ as "Roman bars in Thailand" Confused joy


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Re: Safe Journey Jonsie :)

Best of luck @jonsie  Safe journey.Wave


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Re: Safe Journey Jonsie :)

Good luck @jonsie Smiley Happy
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Re: Safe Journey Jonsie :)

Wishing You All The Best @jonsie ... Safe Journey Home xx 

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Re: Safe Journey Jonsie :)

Thank you guys, it means a lot. Thanks! 4


You've all kept me going through a long dark tunnel although some of you have done your best to trip me up tongue closedLOL


I'm going with a completely open mind as to whether I'l stay there happily married forever. I'll be doing my best to find a lovely loving lady but if not there's always the wife  wink but I do have an escape option in  place.


Sadly, Gloria isn't around to see as she was one of the friends who really helped me along the way. Others know who they are and I won't embarrass them all by listing them, they know who they are.


Thanks again to everyone and thanks also to @Marjo  , @EmilieT   and @Martin-O2  thumbsuppray

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Re: Safe Journey Jonsie :)

All the best for the journey @jonsie
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Re: Safe Journey Jonsie :)



All the very best mate.

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