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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe Discussion

@O2Jim wrote:

I didnt realise Disney+ also had all The Simpsons and all the X-Men movies too!!!!!screamheart eyesclap

To be honest, having The Simpson's in one place is probably the best bit about Disney+. Having watched about all the Marvel stuff (zero interest in Phase 4 things), seen almost all of the Pixar stuff, grown up with the Classic Disney animations, getting dullified by the Star Wars series, I'm not exactly enthused about Disney+ as a long term thing. 


Good thing the animated Clone Wars is available as those are good. The shorts look promising as do some of the home grown programs but in the age of binge watching, I don't want to wait that long for another episode to appear!


But seems they now have two of favourite Marvel cartoons: Silver Surfer and X-Men. Go watch them then compare how bad a job they've done of the live action characters and plots. Trying not to rant about how bad SS was portrayed in Fantastic 4 rage Why SS hasn't got his own film yet is a scandal. No sign of 60's Spiderman (the definitive theme tune: you know it) but enough Spidey to keep me happy for a while. 


Also: there is no way I'm going to mark Hannah Montana or High School Musical as must-watches. Ever.