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Re: Cooking tips, recipes and attempts!

I cooked spaghetti yesterday that is quite quick. Did very similar. Used tinned tomatoes chopped left over spring onions pinch dried garlic, mint, chopped chopped bell pepper, small spoon bovril salt black pepper lemon juice, anything left over veg. Chopped small. Nice. Serve on spaghetti with grated cheddar.

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Re: Cooking tips, recipes and attempts!

Sounds so good @TallTrees ! thumbsup Last night I was super tired and didn't feel very well so I ended up ordering takeout while hungry, which resulted in having warm milk chocolate cookie dough with vanilla ice cream as dinner. LOL Tonight I aim for cooking something again.

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Re: Cooking tips, recipes and attempts!

Hi @Marjo 

I know how it feels to be beyond tired!

Not well is even worse ~

The stir fry is always a quick meal but it has to be

all chopped first, lovely on rice or noodles.

However, don't always feel like chopping so

some supermarkets do a very nice frozen stir fry mix

(I think I got a good mix from tesco) it has baby 

corn and all sorts of veg in it very handy for those

"bad" days!  

then you can put that with noodles they

are easy and quick to cook. I always have some soy and 

a bottle of chilli sauce to add to mix or some little

packets of black bean sauce, chow mein sauce or

sweet and sour sauce  to pep up the flavours. 

If you have any veg you can

pop that in like the spring onions but no need.

By the time the order comes in you'll have this

meal up.   

Enjoy your meal tonighthugging