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Community Movie Night - Arrival

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Hi everyone!


Welcome to our fifth official Community Movie Night! 


This month's theme was Sci-Fi movies and tonight is finally the night - After you have been voting for three days the decision has been made for Arrival and I hope you are ready for some extraterrestrial energy among us (counting the UFOs as we speak) 👽


How does it work? Well, as always we will all gather here tonight at 8pm and simultaneously start watching the film. The comment section will give us the opportunity to then discuss on the who's and what's of the film whilst watching it. The film itself is readily available on Netflix (direct link here), so we hope a lot of you can join but feel free to get involved even if you only have Arrival on a Blu-Ray or another streaming service hugging


Looking forward to seeing you back here at 8pm, with your popcorn at the ready, steady, watch!

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If you'd like to take part, why not register? slight_smile

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@TheresaV wrote:

@pgn wrote:

Time to work together, and listen to the whales. 

Interesting. Food for thought.

Thank you for organising it.

Food for thought in what sense @pgn joy

A lot of it was grey and/or misty - even the scenes inside the ops/command tent were dim. I think it begs another watch, in light of the scenes at the end. And was that a Nobel Awards Ceremony at the very end?


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Yes it appears so for the book she wrote after the event. If I'm honest, it wasn't my thing. The flashbacks to her daughter gave it away that her daughter was in the future. 'Hawkeye' left her because she told him the daughter would die.

Not so much a linguist as a fortune teller. joy

It did receive rave reviews apparently. Amy Adams received much critical acclaim for her role.

*The Game Is On*

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A correction to my post number 74 on 30.07.2021 at 21:56 on page 8

Rememberance Day film should read Independence Day film


Havn't watched a film in a long time ..... this really fit the bill so-to-speak

The leading actress was outstanding


@MI5 Super 8, just as a film title told me nothing about the film itself ..... until you mentioned Spielberg


My first Community Movie Night ... and ... looking forward to the next slight_smile

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