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CES 2019 - Daily Round up!

Hey everyone, 


This years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) officially kicked off today in Las Vegas and it's shaping up to be another great show for those with even a passing interest in technology! 


Below, we've detailed some of the cool tech showcased at the event and will provide a daily round-up of the new tech and gadgets for the duration of the show! 


First up we have the Samsung 75-INCH MICROLED 4K TV. This fantastic TV comes in at a whopping 75 inch and combines Samsung's QLED and OLED technology to give you an amazingly clear picture with true blacks due to the lack of back light. 


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 19.34.43.png


Continuing the TV theme LG's CINEBEAM LASER 4K projector will display a 90 inch picture on any surface. The projector can be controlled using voice and hand gestures! 


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 19.34.56.png


Next up is one for those who hate doing the laundry! The FOLDIMATE LAUNDRY-FOLDING MACHINE will fold an entire load of washing in 5 minutes. The machine won't be able to fold large items like bed linen but it could be a real time saver to have around the house. 


 Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 19.34.33.png


The final item in today's roundup is the KOHLER NUMI 2.0 INTELLIGENT TOILET! This smart toilet is packed with features including a heated seat, self cleaning/drying and if that's not enough it has built in Amazon Alexa with speakers and colour-changing lights! 


Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 19.34.06.png


We'll be updating this topic with new technology and gadgets at the end of each day during CS! 


What do you guys think of the new tech unveiled today and is there anything not on the list that you're impressed with? 



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Re: CES 2019 - Daily Round up!

Good grief!! A 75 inch TV.... and a talking toilet?  joy

*The Game Is On*

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Re: CES 2019 - Daily Round up!

Hello @Martin-O2

First thoughts ~ must be American everything over large and over the top


Not convinced with the Laundry folding machine.


Very large TVs look nice but I'm thinking would need an extension ~ not sure about voice and hand 

gesture controls ~ considering there's always lots of shouting and gestures around here wonder what

station we would be on then ~ or would it just blow up!


The toilet ~ couldn't make it out, it looks like a cardboard box on top of it?

   anyway wouldn't want Alexa any way near me Smiley Indifferent



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Re: CES 2019 - Daily Round up!

This looks megga expensive;


Panasonic Atmos TV



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Re: CES 2019 - Daily Round up!

Funny enough how I remember you posting about it last year lol
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Re: CES 2019 - Daily Round up!

[ Edited ]

@dgilbert2 wrote:

This looks megga expensive;


Panasonic Atmos TV



Having had TVs with so called virtual surround I have my doubts that they can actually deliver Atmos from just two front speakers.


When I went to see Deadpool 2 I opted for Odeon's iSense which features 4K projection and Dolby Atmos ceiling mounted speakers, the sound was very impressive with things pinpointed well as opposed to just being very loud.


I might go and have a look if it reaches the UK and John Lewis sells them but I doubt I'll be in the market for one.


While I find Alexa very useful, I think integrating it into a toilet is a bit too far and who wants a toilet with a sound system and disco lights anyway?

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Re: CES 2019 - Daily Round up!

@Anonymous But why not integrate the far more practical and useful for purpose: the Amazon dash button!

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Re: CES 2019 - Daily Round up!

Hi @Martin-O2
Looked around and picked out some other products.
A suitcase that nearly always follows you, so need to wear a band to notify you that it's heading for someone else!
A kinda pet that wants attention from humans and animals and follows you around, apparently to be sold in pairs so they can interact with each other whilst you hide?
A TV that can hang in the window and you can see through it.
Still looking for something REALLY useful.
The door viewer replacement that looks like a door bell but is a camera etc that's ok for security.

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Re: CES 2019 - Daily Round up!

[ Edited ]

I love the breath test gadget which tells you what you should eat.. I want the 'fat boy' version!

The IBM computer that can forecast the weather in any location, every hour looks a bit far fetched.

Not really seen anything believable / reliable yet!


ITunes on tv's will save a lot of people having an Apple tv parked next to the tv!

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Re: CES 2019 - Daily Round up!

[ Edited ]

Atmos on 2 speaker set ups work well, but are not a mark on cinema style 5.1/7.1 set ups.
My overall opinion on Atmos based Stereo, whether it is 2.1 TV or 2.0 mobile devices is that it is a pleasant widening of the stereo which has the effect of immersion, but is nothing like an Atmos theatre.
However, I have noticed a better surround experience from the iPad pro, which holds 4 individually driven speakers, I suspect that when the Atmos content is played, the software takes full usage of this speaker configuration, as it would on the Tab S4 and I believe Huawei M5 pro.
However, I would also rate Atmos on stereo devices as some of the best audio I've heard off such devices, so it's definitely worth having, than not.