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Are you a phone addict?

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Re: Are you a phone addict?

Anyone from 5 year old and up are completely addicted. Phones and TV are totally banned when my eldest son and his family are dining. The kids totally respect this so it's down toparenting and schooling but really, no amount of assistance from Google or Apple will help change this addiction

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Re: Are you a phone addict?

If we are having a family meal or game then phones are barred from the vicinity 

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Re: Are you a phone addict?

Thank you Jonsie for welcoming me to the community...!

Phone's, PC's, TV's... are tools to be control, no to control us, one needs to know the important thigs of life...!
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Re: Are you a phone addict?

I think it's probably a generational issue. wink

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Re: Are you a phone addict?

I come under that nauseating term 'millennial' and have had a mobile since I was 17 but I carry one for one reason only, so I have access to a phone should I need one or if someone needs to get hold of me urgently.


The very few people that have the number know to ring if it's a dire emergency during the day when I'm at work, if they text I'll respond when I'm on my lunchbreak.


I don't do social media in general (I have a profile on LinkedIn for professional purrposes but that's it)


I don't feel lost without my phone and have always stayed PAYG just because I don't use it enough to warrant a contract.


My boss on the other hand is different, if she is not typing on the keyboard she is tapping away on her personal mobile.


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Re: Are you a phone addict?

Since we have (sometimes) much free time on duty (EMS) I'm glad to be able to game, read, surf on my phone. But I can be without if I want to.

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