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Merlin Offer RIP OFF

The Merlin offer for for tickets to an attraction is understandably popular- but I’m more than frustrated now...

I had the O2 priority app open on my phone from 11.55am. I even had the chessington offer open. It began to countdown from 1 minute to 12pm... 3,2,1 clicked ‘use now’ and instantly says ‘out of stock’.

How is this even possible. I could understand if I had the app open and had to still click into the right section, but I pressed that button so fast it is impossible to have a chance.

I’m genuinely upset by this- 2nd time trying and I can’t see how I could’ve been any faster.

Not happy that they use offers to draw PR and then screw loyal customers.
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Re: Merlin Offer RIP OFF

Agreed what a joke i tried this multiple times waited for the count down and have the same issue.


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Re: Merlin Offer RIP OFF

I actually got a code but then got to the site and it doesn't work. Call customer services and 2 different people gave me 2 different stories neither which resolved the problem. Complete farce and mislead.
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Re: Merlin Offer RIP OFF

It did say on the app only 500 available so you have a 1 in 48000 chance of getting a ticket if every o2 customer tried to claim, 


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Re: Merlin Offer RIP OFF

Nearer 64000 to 1 chance based to total number of active connections 32 million lol Based on data here https://news.o2.co.uk/press-release/uks-favourite-mobile-network-continues-to-grow/

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