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OnePlus Nord and WiFi compatibility

Hi, I have a vodaphone sim but it does doesn't give me wifi calling access on my One Plus Nord. Is Nord compatible with O2 WiFi Calling?

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Re: OnePlus Nord and WiFi compatibility

Doesn't look like the OnePlus Nord is on O2's supported list of OnePlus phones for this yet, @jw81190 :


This could change, though - keep an eye on the list at the URL above.


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Re: OnePlus Nord and WiFi compatibility

Only @Chris_K  would really know

Choose a network that definitely supports the phone

Maybe EE

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Re: OnePlus Nord and WiFi compatibility


It looks like OnePlus are upto their tricks again with o2 compatibility.
For now.. 5G doesnt work again....
Be very aware that OnePlus will remove o2 functionality in upcoming firmware updates without warning...

I would check here: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/nord-compatible-with-o2-uk-volte-and-vowifi.1262649/

As some people have got it working.
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Re: OnePlus Nord and WiFi compatibility

Unfortunately there's nothing I can add to this conversation I'm afraid, other than confirming a few things some of you may already know.

Typically, O2 don't test or approve software updates for handsets that have never been ranged by us, so in the case of the OnePlus Nord - Wifi Calling might work on it, but as we haven't tested these devices, we're unable to confirm for sure one way or the other. If the functionality does work, but you have issues with it, it wouldn't be something we'd be able to support with either unfortunately as we don't have any internal processes or support for this device.

Sorry it's not more positive news or info I can share on this one.

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