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Welcome to the Network Members board!

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Hi everyone,


Thanks for becoming part of our Network Members Board!


What does it mean to be a Network Member?

As an active member on our community, we want to maximise your impact and hone your network expertise, so that you can help your friends, family and fellow community members with whatever network query they may have. 


Using this board, we will be sharing new and engaging ways to explain the basics of our mobile network, as well as the insights around new innovative technologies and our evolving network tools.


We want you to share this with your online and offline communities, so if they’re having a connectivity issue, you can help them to understand the network, what the problem might be and help us to fix it.


We’d also love your feedback wherever possible, to help us improve our customers’ network experience.


What are the perks?

As part of the O2 Community Network Members board, you’ll be able to escalate any network issues directly to community managers. That means if you, your friends/ family or anyone on the community are experiencing network issues, they’ll be passed to the right people to investigate much more quickly.


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To make this board as useful as possible for you, we want to tailor it to your interests. What would you like to learn more about in relation to our network? What network insights would be useful to you when dealing with other community members’ questions?


We’d love this board to become a means for improving the customer network experience, by getting your expert insight. Please feel free to ask questions, provide suggestions and give as much feedback as you can on the content we share.

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Greetings... thumbsup


I agree with @pgn and his post on SIMs.

I`d find info on SIM swap - and the different kinds and how these apply to the network - useful,  with non-geeky instructions, please. 


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Hi all, I'm just here to learn. rofl

Re Sim swaps, I did start a thread about guides which need updating HERE  so that is of interest to me.

However, all and everything will be extremely helpful.

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Hi all. Great to be here, and indeed a lot of usual faces here 🙂
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Not applicable

@pgn wrote:
Hola. Some familiar handles 😉
My question would be about the process for porting, or changing from one SIM to another (eg micro to nano) - what are the network steps that have to complete, in what sequence, and how does repeatedly re-booting old and/or new phone affect the process?
Flowcharts, yes, them too 😁



You might find the following a useful read, specifically the UK switching process manual which details the process agreed between service providers and what can go wrong.


I'm sure @Martin-O2  and others can give more detailed O2 specific information.

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Aha! Good man, @Anonymous - that'll keep me occupied 👍

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Hi Everyone!

Great to be here! 

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Something that would be useful to know more about is the 4G Calling, I understand O2 have implemented this differently to other networks which means it is not available on some devices (despite the device supporting it), could you get us some more technical information on this as this is question that comes up a fair few times
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Good question @PhoneChanger Add to that, I would like to know why some people need CS to enable it on their account and others don't?

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Probably the same reason why some people need the idata bolt on adding @Cleoriff - training and/or common sense (customer has an iPhone--> needs iData!)

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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Thats is something i have never understood, or why its even needed..

I switch my enterprise sim constantly between devices and have never had to call to add or remove idata..
Current Phone: Sony XPeria Pro-I and Motorola Razr 5G
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I work in IT as an Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Tools Administrator (Office 365, Slack and much much more) and manage hardware both Mobile and Desktop / laptop, my desk is a bit like PC World

We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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