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Combining My O2 accounts

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So I recently took out a brand new PAYM contract with O2 for the first time in years (I've been with Orange and then EE when they merged for the last 10+)


Due to some confusion with the phone registration, I created a My O2 account yesterday that obviously shows no products or devices and is left as a blank account. The registration issue was then sorted today after going in store and my login and user was sent for the My O2 account connected with my phone and new contract.


However, this account isn't actually connected to an email address (assuming because I've already used my email address to create the account I made yesterday) so I can't verify it (I'm not entirely sure where the verification email is being sent) and when I go to merge this account into my account actually tied to my email, the continue button is greyed out and it won't let me actually merge them.


Any reason it's stopping me? Is it just the website being difficult? Do I need to verify the other account on a non-existant email? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Combining My O2 accounts

Hi @JS

You may have to wait 24hrs for your account to update.

Give it 24 hrs. If nothing has happened by then you will need to call customer services on 202

Best of luck and welcome to the forum





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Re: Combining My O2 accounts

Just call customer service now and ask them to add your email address to the new account so you can get the verification email and proceed with your registration.
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Re: Combining My O2 accounts

Thanks for the replies, both of you.


I've tried ringing customer support but they can't merge the accounts, the website won't let me confirm to merge the 2 accounts and they can't change the email address on the relevant account because it's taken by the other, blank account.


They've tried changing the email address on the irrelevant account so that it frees it up for use on the one connected to my phone and contract and it's not letting them.


Guy on the phone basically told me to give it a few days, ring back and hopefully something can be done.


All this because the woman in store was too desperate to make the sale, wrote my bank account number down incorrectly and then my email down incorrectly disappointed relieved

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Re: Combining My O2 accounts

Turns out it's their desktop site that is playing up.


I just tried merging on my phone browser and it let me. Also let me change account details etc, where as the website doesn't.


Possibly also a solution to the ever resilient Live Chat "finding an agent to connect you with"?


Thanks for the advice.