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My phone does not work

i recently changed from pay as you go to contract and i kept my old number now neither of the numbers work as my new sim now says 'sim not provisioned mm #2' and now coz i have no service on either phone i am unable to ring customer service! I've been emailed a bill but so far i am paying for a service that doesn't work!!!! can someone please help?

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Re: My phone does not work

There is a massive backlog of sim card provisions and they are working their way through them.


Check post 52 by Leonard re:update



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o2 not working

My phone showed no service on Friday. I visited the local shop in Stratford Upon Avon and asked if there were any problems with the network and was told "NO". They then said it was my sim card and swapped the SIM card saying I would be up and running within 24 hours (which is slow anyway). 24 hrs later NOTHING. 48 hours later nothing. Went back to shop - sales person took out sim and replaced it - phone worked. 1 hour later stopped working. Then it went on and off all day but at best had 1 bar whilst my wifes ORANGE service had 5 bars. Monday morning and NO SERVICE again. Back to shop and after waiting nearly half an hour on a so called helpline have been told another 48 hours before they catch up with sorting out the problem. I don't believe I had a sim card problem. I believe it wa a network issue and o2 are making excuses. Their own shops don't even seem to know whats happening with their network problems and can't get any answers any quicker than going direct to o2. Like everyone else your phone is vital to you and this is a totally rubbish service from O2. I wished I had never changed to them as their customer service is terrible.