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Not sure what to do and any help would be very grateful. Been with o2 for 11 years and my current contract has now finished and would like to stay with o2. I have iPhone 8 and would like to upgrade to an iPhone XR but even with Black Friday deals o2 seems the most expensive. Vodafone seems to have best deal. If I was to contact o2 directly and say I was thinking about going over to Vodafone what are the chances that o2 would price match or at least try and give me a better price than what o2 website or carphone warehouse can offer.
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Re: Upgrade


We can't know what they will offer you until you try but I alsoo noticed that Voda's prices were good this year. I moved one account to Voda last year and have saved loads compared to O2's pricing over the year.

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Re: Upgrade

There are plenty of other places to get a good deal on O2, like HERE for example...


search the net!

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Re: Upgrade

O2 won't pricematch. The best they will offer is a loyalty discount on the airtime only.