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Sim Upgrade

I have been with O2 for a number of years and have enjoyed the service, help and support they have given.


Over-all I cannot fault the customer service as this has been excelllent, although there is a BUT


I've always stayed loyal to O2 and have continued to do my upgrades, converted the family to the same network for obvious reasons. I had also considered the iphone 6s upgrade until I had seen the price structure, which I've now put on hold for a little longer.


Anyway onto my main poin; I had a notification informing me of my data allowance had run out, which is fair enough as only have 2GB along with unlimited texts, calls et, okay this does come with price point, yet in todays market you would be foolish not to look/compare to other suppliers like you would do with other services including gas/electric etc.........


When looking at options of upgrades more so SIM only, there are better deals to be found. Obviously the first questions has to be, why am I getting a low data allowance especially compared to one of the competitors and would O2 price match?


When contacting O2, they had been very helpful and explained all the benefits of staying with them, yet clearly stated


Are you looking for SIM only or a Phone contract?
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I know, although waiting on a phone upgrade for a little longer. I was looking at a Sim upgrade, although not sure O2 can match what I have found?
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To set expectation we don't price match with other provider as the cost of our investment is different for giving best service to our customers, I believe that staying with us from such a long time you'll agree to it.

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What deal you've got?
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The one I have found, gives 20gb data, unlimited texts and calls within UK, wifi access at various hotspots etc...Yet the price is £20 pm for 12 months


Again very helpful, they did offer an 8GB option along with a discount, yet this comes no-where near the 20GB on offer from a major competitior. Obviously I cannot say if the other company has a better service, but considering they own most exchanges, lines etc....I would take a guess that it'll be okay to good and I would not find a major difference or drop in service.


I think I will wait a little closer until my current contract ends in a few months and will see if O2 have improved their offers, if this stays the same I'll be moving my custom elsewhere.


Hope this helps others and as mentioned above, I'm not hear to criticise O2, their business or their employees as all have been very good, just not the offer I am willing to continue with unless there's room for change or more suitable offer.









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Re: Sim Upgrade

Deals vary between networks and O2 have improved their tariffs with new contracts. It's dog eat dog at the moment but your primary  concern should be coverage at home, work and your normal travelling locations. It's no use having 20gb if you can't use it frankly.

Wait until you want to upgrade and look at the deals on offer. Shop around and get some free payandgo sims if you consider changing network. Unfortunately loyalty means diddly squat to O2 or any network.

I chose the option to leave o2 but when speaking to retentions they offered me a loyalty discount to stay, only £4/month but an extra 1gb data thrown in so I stayed.

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Re: Sim Upgrade

@Anonymous I take everything you say onboard..... you do have to go with the network that gives you the best signal and suits your needs. You may be better to try a few payg sims in your phone though to see if you get good coverage with other networks.

Another thing to try...ring CS again and ask to be put through to retentions. If they think you are leaving they may offer you a better deal...This has worked for  a few people..Smiley Happy

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Re: Sim Upgrade

Thanks for the reply and very true.


For obvious reasons I'll not say which company is offering the 20gb deal, but they do have the majority of the country on lock down for coverage (including London where I'm based) and like most if not all mobile/telephone networks all rent from them too.


It's a shame that customer loyalty means nothing, but as you rightly mention it's a DOG eat DOG world and with the internet being easy and very handy people can compare all too easily.


I'm not here to say switch/move or take your business elsewhere, as mentioned through-out O2 have been good and I cannot fault their willing to help. Smiley Happy



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Re: Sim Upgrade

We all know that it's BT offering the 20GB tariff. It's okay to mention another company's name. You're just not allowed to put a link to their site on here. Also be aware that BT's deals are sim only.