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Network issues 6th December 2018

Very disappointed with network issues yesterday. Drove 180 miles to an unfamiliar place for a funeral adding to the stress of the day, could not call my family and no Google maps. Made a horrible day even worse! First ever complaint after 10 years custom
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Re: Network issues 6th December 2018

Everyone is disappointed but if you are reasonably happy after 10 years, then thats not too bad.

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Re: Network issues 6th December 2018

@Network2 I'm sure it was difficult for you, but it was a problem for everyone yesterday. You don't need data to use Google Maps. 



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Re: Network issues 6th December 2018

Hi @Network2, and thanks for your comments. We have an official topic about the earlier issues with the network so we're locking this thread to keep the conversation in one place. Please use this thread to find out our latest updates and share your feedback. 




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