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Give us a moment......

.....we're just checking to see if theres an available agent. Thats what it says on the 'contactus' page regarding online chat/help.

Well.....how long is a moment? A second? A few seconds? Maybe its 30 seconds...or even a minute?

Whatever it is, I very much doubt its 35 or 40 minutes, which is roughly how long Ive been waiting while they 'check' if an agant is available.

It wouldnt eve be so bad, but theres no update, like 'Someone will be with you shortly' or 'You are number X in the queue'.

Theres nothing.


Give us a moment

We're just checking to see if there's an available agent.

How long doe this checking procedure go on for? Is the system pretty much useless? Does it even work at all?

Is there anybody there even?

I do wonder.

They get my money every month, so I guess that pretty much covers their interpretation of 'Customer service'. Funny how you get picked up on by 'Billing' within a minute, or even in an instant when you want to make a payment.

I just have this vision in my mind of a whole team of billing and upgrade agents working relentlessly in a call centre that hums like a swarm of bees in a hive. Then theres this one, solitary, almost 'Sloth' like creature that sits there alone in some dark, dingy back room benath a dim bulb that flickers on occasion, their eyes glued to a monitor watching the list of customers grow steadiy, the queue growing by the second. They slowly raise a finger to the keyboard. They move the mouse to select the next customer....then lethargy sets in and they allow their hand to flop to the desktop while the other leaves the mouse and reaches for the hot cup of tea.

Customer service? Dont make me laugh. Its not even funny.

Ive now been waiting for something approaching an hour....watching, waiting, for anything. Some sign of life or to see that someone really wants to 'help' because Im one of many 'valued' customers.

But no.

All I get is...

Give us a moment

We're just checking to see if there's an available agent.

Nothings changed......actually no. Thats not entirely true. Its gotten darker outside. My stubble has likely grown a 100th of a milimetre, Nth Korea has probably launched another missile and another politician will be defending himself against further accusations of sexual inpropriety. Mrs May will still be dithering on about leaving the EU still, as my patience is wearing thinner, but still the screen says...

Give us a moment

We're just checking to see if there's an available agent.

Well O2, Id like you to give me a moment now, while I give serious thought and consideration to whether or not I stay with such a lax, inconsiderate, ignorant company. Customer service....the whole concept is contained in the title. Its about engaging with your customers, acknowledging them and seeing how you can put them at ease, deal with their problems and keep them happy.

Maybe your staff need training? Maybe even 're' training, because, and lets be truthful here, your level of 'customer service' is seemingly pretty minimal, if at all it exists. 


Give us a moment

We're just checking to see if there's an available agent.


And so it goes on. Its getting both annoying and monotonous now. Irritating even.

Like I asked at the beginning of this post...


Too bloody long!












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Re: Give us a moment......

Try a different browser.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: Give us a moment......

I've not outwardly laughed for a long time. Quite possibly in that time you may... or may not... probably ..... possibly... actually have gotten  through to live chat...

Presumably @Anonymous is a pen name but if you would like to divulge the non de plume you use as an author and your publisher I will definitely be buying your book, nay the whole series!

If by the time you read this, you have finally been granted an audience, the first thing you will notice is that your perfect use of our native language (why the heck is it the Queen's? Does she speak more proper than wot I does?) is not reciprocated by the person representing that once wondrous company that is O2. 

Having learned a whole new language after much head scratching, if you managed to get past the sudden dropped chat syndrome that is synonymous with a question not covered in the handy O2, four paged, simplified version of the How To Guide Book (suitable for children and verified by the fabled Guru? then hopefully your query will have been assessed, rectified and answered to your total satisfaction.

Sorry, excuse me. That last bit made me laugh again..... 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 

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Re: Give us a moment......

Long enough that several, when chained together, can be used to write a very witty risposte... rofl

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Re: Give us a moment......

@manichI really laughed at your very articulate and funny post. I have never had reason to disbelieve anyone who moans about the length of time they spend 'hanging on the telephone'

You posted your thoughts on my thread about 'excellent service' so I do understand your frustration. I must have had the lucky fairy hanging over me today. I did not expect to get through as quickly and be dealt with by someone who knew exactly what they were doing. Certainly not at 11am.

So I sympathise with you but consider myself one of the lucky ones....Smiley Wink

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