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Friends & Family 50% Question

I have the 50% Friends & Family discount applied to my account but I understand that when I upgrade my phone now that the contract is close to expiring, that discount comes off and has to be applied again. Does anyone know why this is the case? Why can't it just continue on? I really don't want to lose the discount as it really helped me out.


I no longer have the contact details of the kind O2 employee who added me to their account (his details were on my old e-mail I forgot to back up before switching and that address has since been deleted) so I can't ask him to renew it for me. It's bizarre that O2 don't let the discount stay on the account and base it on the contract itself. Any ideas?

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Re: Friends & Family 50% Question

Hi @PFMC84

I expect O2 just need to know the discount is still relevant to you and any changed circumstances.

It's easy enough to re-apply


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Re: Friends & Family 50% Question

No idea why @PFMC84 you'd have to ask O2 but I guess it's to stop people applying who no longer have friends or family working for them.

Check if you are eligible for any other discounts though. 


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Re: Friends & Family 50% Question

More than likely that too many people have discounts they aren't entitled to. I'm not altogether sure why you would think it would just roll on especially if the person has moved on and you are no longer in contact with them.