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upload speeds

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With facilities such as Drop-box and Cloud storage the need for high upload speeds is becoming more and more a necessity. I am currently getting around 50kB/sec uploading to Drop-box and I am being told 4-8 hours or more to upload 320MB. Does O2 (and other vendors) deliberately allocate as much download capacity (at the expense up upload capacity) to keep their figures competitive?


The ability to be able to dynamically switch capacity between uploading and downloading would be nice.



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Re: upload speeds

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As far as I know the problem is that majority of Internet equipment is asymmetrical eg you can only send data one way at a time either in or out.

hence the "A" in ADSL.


Seeing as the majority of work down via the web is downloading information the ISP pushing the allocation of bandwidth to reflect this.

Dropbox will also limit your upload speed during times of peak activity. Try later when the Americans are in bedSmiley Happy



there are providers that can supple a SDSL or HDSL line but its expensive when I last looked.


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