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Community platform bugs, issues and suggestions

Hey everyone, This topic is a place where we will keep the community updated about the status of any issues or bugs affecting the community platform that we are aware of and have reported. We will keep an up to date tracker of what the issue is, when...

Martin-O2 by Community Manager
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Guide Updates

GUIDE UPDATESRecent discussions HERE about locking guides a week or so after they were posted, resulted in an agreement to have a section where all of us could ask for a guide to be updated if we felt it necessary. So I'll start it off. The first gui...

Cleoriff by Level 94: Supreme
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O2 Customer Service/Live Chat positive feedback archive!

Hey everyone, Whilst the O2 Community is a place where members can come to ask for help and raise legitimate complaints we also see a large number of posts where Customer Services, Live Chat or an O2 store has done such a good job that people take th...

Martin-O2 by Community Manager
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Resolved! 08000641087

I had a call from 08000641087. The number came on my screen as 'O2 Insurance'. They said they are O2. They knew my name, address, the handset I have, that I am with O2 for long.. When I 'chat' with O2 I was told that it was not them they called. I am...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! O2 Website error'd 6 times then refused me due to too many credit checks, help or advice?

If ive put this in the wrong area im sorry, please advise me and ill move it, im new to this forum; bit long but a good read if you’re bored!! On Tuesday the 12th March at 9pm ish I went via a cash back website called http://wwwdotcashbackdotcodotuk/...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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o2 webmail

please help - I can't find the page to check my O2 emails - it's been missing for months - where is it? when i click on the home page link my o2> o2 webmail the only result is not found. I get the following message every time - i've even tried other ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! help!!! before i go mad!

I was due an upgrade on the 15th - ive had five delivery dates given me - i keep phoning dial a phone to be told they are still waiting on o2 approving my upgrade!!! ive been a customer of o2 god knows how many years so why is it taking so long - ver...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Broken links

Sometime ago I thought this forum had a thread going for broken / out of date links on the main o2 site. Anyway I can't find it, hence starting a new one... Can one of the forum managers who works for o2 ask o2 when they are going to update the: http...

Junior by Level 2: Apprentice
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The Nokia 920 in the UK farce

Its some 6 months since the release of the Nokia Lumia 920 and I am still unable to get a yellow one on O2. My problem is, O2 are the only UK operator who provide a signal that's almost usable where I live - all the others are too weak in my area, so...

chrisski by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Calling a global sim from my O2 mobile

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew whether I will be able to call someone on their global sim number whilst they are in Spain (UK number starting +4478221...) within my inclusive minutes? I know some networks allow this but not sure about O2.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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This is why we all need to report spam calls and sms

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-21855594 If we report all calls and sms to ico or tps then action is taken as per this thread http://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Pay-Monthly-and-Pay-Go/Are-you-fed-up-with-spam-calls-and-texts-Follow-...

adamtemp64 by Level 66: Unequalled
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Resolved! NO SIGNAL at home

Hey, Any solution to this....I have had no signal at home now for 3 days! My husband has lost signal on his phone too at exactly the same time. Both O2 in Southampton area.Tried the sim, wiping it, trying it in another phone etc. Restarted the phone....

Anonymous by Not applicable
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