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Community platform bugs, issues and suggestions

Hey everyone, This topic is a place where we will keep the community updated about the status of any issues or bugs affecting the community platform that we are aware of and have reported. We will keep an up to date tracker of what the issue is, when...

Martin-O2 by Community Manager
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Guide Updates

GUIDE UPDATESRecent discussions HERE about locking guides a week or so after they were posted, resulted in an agreement to have a section where all of us could ask for a guide to be updated if we felt it necessary. So I'll start it off. The first gui...

Cleoriff by Level 94: Supreme
  • 35 replies
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O2 Customer Service/Live Chat positive feedback archive!

Hey everyone, Whilst the O2 Community is a place where members can come to ask for help and raise legitimate complaints we also see a large number of posts where Customer Services, Live Chat or an O2 store has done such a good job that people take th...

Martin-O2 by Community Manager
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Changes to the forum to tackle spam!

Hi Everyone,As with any forum, we have to tackle the issue of spam. While we have a team of moderators that look after spam removal, there are times where spam stays around longer than we'd like.We know that spam makes the place look untidy and doesn...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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Why does Unlocking iphone take so long?

So i have sent the form on the app to unlock the form. It would seem like this should be a totally auomated process yet i'm getting told it takes 72 hours? do O2 use carrier pigeons to send the request? or is a decision to make it slow to try and put...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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O2 shop

Called in to local O2 shop yesterday, Wanted to buy a Samsung J3 2017 for £129.99.As there were none in stock the assistants ordered a blue one for me as there were only 3 of these phoes due to come into store the next day. Today. An appointment was ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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iPhones slowed down by Apple​🍏

This made interesting reading especially this bit :Poole says: “This fix will also cause users to think, ‘my phone is slow so I should replace it’ not, ‘my phone is slow so I should replace its battery’.Apple reduces speed of iPhones as batteries wea...

jonsie by Level 94: Supreme
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O2 Insurance (Extremely Impressed)

Having recently dropped my phone (the screen smashed and turned purple) I turned to O2 Insurance to help repair my phone. Initially I read through the many reviews and comments about O2 Insure and was absoloutley terrified to use the service. My expe...


No Network Access since last night. On Chat because I cannot make a call. Thought it was my phone as there is NOTHING on the website about this and apparently MOST customers are affected!!

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Exceptional customer service

I spoke with Patrica in the upgrade team. She was outstanding, she takes me through everything at my own pace, even called me back as I needed to switch sims mid call. She made me fully aware of all ts and cs and could not have been more pleasant to ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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O2 Billing & Payment Service

Hey, Peeps I paid my Bill(s) last month early and O2 was well than more than happy to take my money thought and this months Bill(s) came and I am being told I am a month behind. I thought to myself how is this even possible when I know it has been Pa...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Upgrade with gifts

Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade soon and seen a deal with carphone warehouse on 02 for a s8 which includes the vr headset. They also sell the 360 camera so im wanting to see if they will add that in without adding more to the upfront cost (i know if i...

Illicit costs for Whatsapp messages

I am very careful when travelling out of Europe, with Roaming off so I communicate with my family by using local WIFI based Whatsapp messages which should be at no cost to me so why does O2 charge me?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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