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Useless customer service,complaints ignored

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Hi everyone must say things have definitely got worse since the merger with virgin media.

Im a platinum customer which means zilch now, been a loyal customer for years but I think this is the final straw. I have a few complaints in about the service and all ignored, today tried to upgrade cause seen a deal and the girl tried to actually send me a stac code. Which I’ve actually never heard off before, told me she wasn’t allowed to speak to me about an upgrade cause my device plan wasn’t paid 🙄 I told her I think I know how refresh works. She told me she was going to speak to a manager and then she put the phone down.

wasted 20mins of my time.
absolute joke not sure why they record calls cause they are ignored

best part it was actually a uk call centre with a local representative.

im checking out other networks but o2 works well for going to eu and USA compared to others

disgusted ain’t the word

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@Charlieboyoo - STAC Guide: Cancelling Your Contract mentioned in here. Relatively new.

Complaints process here

But CS will not respond to you once a complaint is in-flight, min 8 weeks turnaround.Good luck. 

PS. Platinum means nothing now. You are right.


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