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Unfortunately sad feedback for store experience

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Hi everyone! 

I couldn't find another way to feed this back I'm afraid and I feel it needs to be said. I've been with O2 20 years, I've even worked in one of the stores. They've always been good to me great customer service online and phone. But my mother had an awful experience in store. Her first time switching to a SIM only contract so she was nervous. When enquiring she was greeted with frustration and said if she has a customer whos more interested in a phone she will have to go to them instead. And in the middle of a conversion another colleague interrupted without an apology and she started talking to him. They weren't helpful, very rude. I'd never dream of treating a customer this way. Is there any way of feeding back to the shop without actually calling them? Because I feel this was shocking. Sorry for the negativity slight_smile

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Sounds like retail to me and any retail to be fair...


Let me tag the community managers to get some more info and they can feed this back.. @Martin-O2 @RafaC @lewys-gp 

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Thanks for the tag, @madasaf1sh


Unfortunately, the OP has now deleted their account, so I don't think we'll be able to get more details from them. I'll speak to Martin and see if there's anything we can do. 

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I was so sorry to see this happened because one of the main reasons I continue as an O2 customer is because the shops are available.  during pandemic times Ive had brilliant help from both the stores I've visited (Truro and Exeter).  in Truro the manager came to the door (I did not have an appointment) and gave me all the advice I needed for ordering a new phone with a sim only contract.  I got the phone during lockdown 3 and surprised myself by being able to set it up.  at end of lockdown 3 I visited Exeter store (also without an appointment) and had help to negotiate exactly the  new cheap data deal I wanted. 

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