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S21 Delivery notifications and poor DPD performance

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Evening everyone,

To say I'm disappointed with the release day is an understatement.


I've got 2 phones on order, one being a standard S21 for the missus and the other is the S21 Ultra 512gb which has been delayed due to circumstances outside of o2's control.


So today I should have got the wifes phone.  No notifications from O2 to say it had been dispatched and had to go via the o2 app to find the tracking number for DPD. 

So, it was due between 1007 and 1107 as my slot for delivery...


1008 comes and the Ring doorbell picks up a DPD van, however, it is absolutely chucking it down with rain and the doorbell catches the DPD driver leaving his van, running to our door and putting a "We missed you card" through the door before running back to his van and taking a photo of my front door. - He didn't even have the phone in his hand!


I phoned up DPD (who as I discovered are very hard to actually get through to a human - I ended up having to not press anything then the automated thing gave up and put me through to an advisor)

I told the advisor what had happened and she said she would get that investigated and someone will call me back later on and they will attempt to get the driver back today.


Guess what? no return of the driver and they've scheduled the redelivery for Monday (Can't they deliver Saturday?) and noone called me back.

I did attempt to call them back but after 20 minutes on hold I gave up any hope and gave up.


DPD Used to be such a good courier but this is absolutely awful.


my second concern is as the delayed S21 Ultra is on a new contract I can't see any updates in the o2 app. what happens if o2 don't tell me they've dispatched it with the tracking number like the other S21 and it is sent out early? 

I could have to wait in every day for a week!


Not impressed today and the wife is grumpy too,


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@Blakey1152 wrote:

Not impressed today and the wife is grumpy too,


That in itself is by far more serious than anything else...... ever !

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Also appalling service by DPD!!

I'm sure its far easier to do a sorry you aren't home card (in the dry van) than get out and sort through the orders whilst it's raining!

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I have this worry too as took today off for the original delivery
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