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02 Internet Signal is shocking

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I have been with 02 for many years now. I had always had issues before my current contract and phone but blamed my old phone for these issues. I started a 3 year contract over two years ago and have been less than impressed (whats also dispointing is the fact this seems to be the only way to complain to 02). 


I find it shocking that I have been paying so much a month for no or slow internet. Usually I got by on WIFI or used my work phone (vodaphone) on a hotspot but I am quite frankly tired of it since I am PAYING for this service. Last year I even had to pay for extra data as the data gets eaten up so fast for doing literally nothing. Recently I have moved house and the wifi is not yet up and running properly so I am dependant on 4G which has finally brought me to complain as it is just that bad. 


In September my 3 year contract finally comes to an end and I will be able to switch to vodaphone or EE who actually provide a great internet network. I have tried different phones and turning on and off the airplane mode ect, but still shockingly bad. I think it is only fair that I actually have a decent service in my last year with O2 and am actually compensated for recieving this shocking service I pay so much for every month. And yes- I have checked the signal in my area (Stafford, England), and apparently the signal is good indoors and out; and no- its not the building I am in as it has always been poor meanwhile my work's vodaphone signal works just fine!



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O2 don't guarantee service levels im afraid, and many factors affect mobile signal strength.

Also coverage maps are based on computer simulations and not real life usage.

Smartphones do eat data, as they are always running processes in the background as do apps such as whatsapp and facebook etc.

I will tag @O2Waqas and @O2Simon as they maybe able to help or offer some advice



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We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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@madasaf1sh Thanks for the tag @neilm555 will private message you regarding the issue


Many thanks




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