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URGENT - Mobile Phone Delivery Chaos

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My husband started to buy me a new mobile phone on Friday 9 February 2024. We still have not yet received it more than a week later, though we are now paying for it. The outer door bell to our block of flats is not working, and we see no way to contact the DHL delivery driver; they’ve tried to do the delivery three times. 


The outer door to our flats is often open, the delivery driver just needs to give it a firm push and enter.

Most annoyingly, we have none of the alleged one hour notifications for delivery; the difference between notification and delivery times, has mainly been five to nine hours, so we have no idea when the delivery is due. 


Between O2 and DHL, they failed to cancel the order so we could get the phone from a local O2 store, and they then failed to change the delivery address to Camden High Street Post Office, London NW1 0RR.

There’s been no delivery attempt for the past three working days; if there’s no delivery activity tomorrow, Tuesday 20 February, we’ll use our 14 day legal right to cancel the order.

Thank you. 

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We are not O2 here but a forum made up of customers 

Seeing you gave your tracking ID

Usually, when they give a delivery time you have the option to give further instructions 

Should be able to ring them. 

Until they return it to O2 there is not much they can do.

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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