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Rubbish 02. I’m fuming with them

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I am seriously fuming with o2. I feel like I have been ripped of from day one until the end of this contract. I for one am glad to see the back of this network who in my opinion do not deserve the custom. I have been a loyal customer of 02. O2 bring nothing but problems. The service o2 provides is not working and is not for purpose. Here are the complaints I have to tried to no avail to raise with 02.

first complaint

The mobile data in the centre of Chester where I work is not working satisfactorily. Why. Because there is no actual signal not even a 4g signal. 
how did I try to resolve initially

i contacted o2 on the first occasion. The o2 advisor suggested they try out a test of the mast. I thought sounds good. It wasn’t as he wanted to do the test in just one postcode. I pointed out to the advisor that I do not work in one postcode I work in the whole of Chester so it would be pointless to do the test. He said it’s to determine if the mast in the postcode is down. I replied then surely if the mast is down then all your masts must be down which they shouldn’t be. Ok fair enough if one or few are down but they should be repaired in a reasonable time period. Anyway the mast in one post code was repaired and I was informed of this by text from o2. This repair in the postcode only worked for one hour. Yes that’s correct one hour. I contacted o2 again regarding this and they said it must be the weather. Funny that the weather was very sunny day. So o2 you can’t use that excuse it’s very lame. So this situation has continued during the whole of term of the contract

second complaint a more serious one.

my granddaughter was seriously unwell in hospital at deaths door infact. I rung my partner to find out she was. It took over one hour to ring my partner I was in work that day and could I get through to talk to my partner regarding our granddaughters condition could I hell. O2 you should be hanging your heads in shame. I rung o2 regarding this and all I got was an apology. I ask how does an apology cut it. O2 insulted me by offering 50 pound compensation including lack of mobile data. I told o2 it’s not about the money a goodwill gesture it’s about offering compensation for the whole term of the contract up until that point and more importantly ensuring your providing a airtime service continuously or what am I paying you for. I accept you have problems but not like this. 
third complaint

majority of o2 staff are extremely rude. This is what I have experienced. You get put through to o2 call centre in either India and South Africa after being hold for about an hour. Someone offers who’s first language isn’t English. You don’t understand what they are saying. Once You begin a conversation they are rude and don’t listen and talk over through. This accusation can also be levelled at many of the 02 staff here In England. There’s a certain manager who shall remain nameless who is very rude. Your in the wrong job if you do not know how to deal with the public. I said to this manager I do not live in India nor do I live in South Africa I live in Britain. Yes Britain. If I lived in India or South Africa then fair enough but as I live in Britain then I want to speak to an advisor here in Britain. We both know why o2 route calls to India and South Africa but it just goes to show the level of contempt o2 has for its customers it’s a case of we’ve got your business we can do what we want. No you can’t 02 any customer can rid of themselves of this inept network by ending their contract any time they want without notice and without paying any more money infact you have the right because at the end of the day the service is not I repeat fit for purpose

fourth and final complaint

i have had to the tune of £140 credited by this manager.. Is it to shut me up. Ms Sharon baker who is the manager seems to think the issue is about the money. It’s not about the money it’s about the network you work for and you can offer as much money as you want but it doesn’t fix the issues I have raised. O2 you deserve your licence to operate as a network provider. I intend to sue o2 for compensation in the county court. You need to learn you can’t treat your customers like this. Good riddance to 02. If people want to reply want to reply to this don’t bother as I have no intention of returning to this community forum. I’m done with O2. Goodbye 

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