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Prices and coming direct to O2

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Having ended their contract with Carphone Warehouse. O2 now want new customers or customers who are upgrading to contact O2 directly. That’s fine but why would you when the prices with O2 are so expensive. 

You can get better deals for O2 with MPD or Affordable Mobiles or data, better add ons, cashback deals and overall cheaper.

C’mon O2, if you want us to come directly.....make it cheaper.

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@pgn wrote:

@welshsteve76 wrote:

I think it is terrible that a network offers a device that has a warranty that last significantly shorter than the contract to purchase it.  If a 3 years contract is offered, then the phone should be covered by the standard warranty conditions for that period of time.

A point I discovered on my last upgrade 16months ago. Glad I did, I got a better deal on a 2-year contract (same handset, same network) for my new phone (Android) than I could have had with O2 spreading the cost over 3 years AND offering an O2 Open discount on Airtime. (And no worry about that 3rd year without recourse to anyone if a fault on the phone manifested itself, a phone that I would not own until it was 3 years old!).


Well said, @welshsteve76

Thanks @pgn 

Consumer rip off whether blatant or sly is wrong in my opionion, but people have put up with it for so long it seems ingrained in business practice these days and people just accept it.  We really shouldn't have to.




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The 3 year contract appeals to many families so their child can get the latest phone and paying a ridiculous amount of money, only to find that warranty has gone, the phone is very outdated and all the other kids have the newer model. It's terrible and one reason I would never take out long term commitments apart from a mortgage.

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