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O2 Ofcom Complaints

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I am commenting with regards to the worst customer service and technical issues that O2 are providing us with.

I have had lost payments, customer service not replying, managers not calling back when promised and just plain useless customer service representatives who can't resolve anything.


Ofcom,  unfortunately, can not investigate individual complaints but get this.


"Although we don’t investigate individual complaints, your help in highlighting problems plays a vital part in our work and we might investigate a company if monitoring data reveals a particular problem"


Please, if you having problems and it is not being resolved satisfactorily, I would recommend lodging a formal complaint with Ofcom the more complaints are logged the more Ofcom will do something about this company.


I hate to do this but they need a stiff wake up call.  The way they are treating customers is beyond acceptable.


Use the link below.


Don't be fobbed off.



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You can also use Resolver, an independent service, as mentioned in the official O2 "How to complain" pages:

It seems to get results - although it can take up to 8 weeks, @NastyNigel - and it gives you a documented set of interactions that would be fodder for Ofcom if you still choose that avenue. Good luck.

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Yes I have just logged a complaint.  Really poor service.

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Just to be absolutely clear that the escalation on a complaint is to the Ombudsman and not to Ofcom :-


In particular :-


What happens next?
If you’re not happy after we’ve responded to your complaint, or if your complaint isn’t resolved after eight weeks, you may wish to refer your complaint to an Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is a free service, which will independently review your complaint. They investigate complaints fairly by listening to both sides of the story and looking at the facts. Their decision is binding on O2, but not on you as a customer.


There have been a few positive comments on this forum recently about the Ombudsman. 


Please bear in mind @NotHappy02 that O2 seem to be taking the full eight weeks to investigate and respond to complaints in many cases, so you will probably have something of a wait to hear from them. 👍 

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