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O2 Default on Credit Profile

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Hi all,
This story has been very hard a stressful, one of the worst customer experiences I have ever dealt with, numerous calls, emails and letters with no help. The amount of contact I have made is endless. I’ll give you some background.
I took out a virgin contact for a package of internet and broadband with Virgin back in 2021, the told me that the package included a FREE o2 SIM card as they were nearly partnered blah blah, I told them I have a contract with EE and do need the contract at all. They said if I don’t take the FREE sim with o2 then I will have to pay more as the packages without the sim is more expensive so I agreed unaware of any charge or contract with o2. I continue to have my contract for around 2 years paying the bills and never missing one. In February 2023 I moved from my old address into a new address. None the wiser I got some text from BPO collections saying I owed £93 but unaware what for, I googled them and loads of people online reviewed them as scammers etc awful reviews so I didn’t reply. I then towards the
end of 2023 apply for a mortgage and they tell me I have a credit default from o2 in July 2023. I was completely shocked and very upset as it affected my mortgage and my credit. I’m 30 years old with an excellent credit profile, never missing payments on bills or receiving any defaults in my life, my credit dropped from 700+ on ClearScore and higher on Experian to 340 overnight it was awful. I looked into this more and realised it was for a £5 a month payment for my o2 contract that come with my Virgin contract. I never knew of any separate payment to be made and never knew I had to pay an o2 contract. The outstanding balance was £93. I thought my only way to resolve this was to pursue with o2 and raise a complaint but had no joy. I started this in November 2023 and haven’t stopped for the last 6 months. Over 30 phone calls with numerous staff some last over an hour long writing long letters and emails. I’ve been passed around by ever person I speak to explaining my stress and they either transfer me or hang the phone up. I’ve been told by them that the default will be removed from the credit profile in January 2024. Had loads of false promises for nothing to happen. I’m really stuck and don’t know what else I can do about this to stop the stress and remove the default. I would pay a lot more than £93 to resolve this. If anyone can help me or advice differently that would be great I’ve tried ever email o2 have and every phone number and team. I’m exhausted and run out of options.


Thanks in advance.

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I am sorry but you failed to cancel the sim card at the end of the minimum term (which like all sims dont just expire and die) and you didn't inform Virgin that you had moved and as such the sim was valid, so it sounds like the default is correct.


Everything is sent by email with al the contract information, and Virgin would be able to provide copies of these documents via a Subject Access Request..  And would have been explained on the call...


But as I said, it sounds like the default is correct...

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Thanks for the reply,


I appreciate all the feedback, but what I don't understand is they have agreed to the removal of the default and said it is the process of getting removed back in January. This is now 4 months down the line and they have said that they will remove it but haven't so why agree to this and then not do it. 



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This is a customer to customer forum so we cannot access accounts or otherwise intervene directly. You need to contact O2 and the Credit File Referral (CFR) team is who you need to speak to.

Their email addresses are or


Alternatively, you can write to them :-

Credit File Referrals Team
Suite P
Arlington Business Centre
LS11 0NE

Fax 0113 2025865


Good luck. 👍

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