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Nobody can hear me!

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Hi all, I have an Alcatel 1 phone which is fine for my needs, except recently people are saying they can't hear me.  I can hear them fine, but they say I am breaking up.  Happens even with full charge.

I make as few calls as possible, I send the odd text by phone but do nearly everything else online, favouring e-mail, WhatsApp and Messenger. 

However, sometimes I have no choice: my GP surgery refuses any contact except voice calls and I no longer have a landline.  The phone works fine connected by Bluetooth to my car software, even parked directly outside the house, the problem is with calls made using the phone itself inside the house. 

I get 2-3 bars reception on the phone and similar on the car software.  Thanks if anyone can help.

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Sounds like the mic on your phone may be faulty.

Try your sim in another phone and if OK, yours is faulty.

Check if the hole for the mic is blocked by fluff or being covered by a phone case etc.

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