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I want to cancel my account

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No signal or data for over a month, O2 admit there is a fault with the mast but keep spouting "we don't guarantee 100% signal"
Ok O2...
Regardless of your location... If the loss of signal is of no direct result of your actions, and it was never explained to you before agreeing to your mobile contract that the signal may be weak, poor or sporadic in your area, then you have rights to cancel under the supply of goods and services act 1982.
An answer would be appreciated.
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@SB51 This is not O2. This is a customer community. You can lodge a complaint here:


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Unfortunately this is a customer community so you won't get an answer her. You need to contact them directly and ask the question.

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 


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You may also wish to check your contract T&C's 


2.2 The Service isn't fault-free; a range of different geographic, atmospheric or other conditions or circumstances beyond our control can impair it. For instance, coverage is affected by things like the thickness or material of the walls of the building you're in. It might also depend on how many people near you are trying to use the Service at the same time. For more information about the things that affect coverage and data speeds, please look at the dedicated Network pages of our Website at You're entitled to the quality of service generally given by a competent mobile telecommunications service provider, using its reasonable skill and care. We will attempt to re-perform disrupted Services when possible. We may direct and manage traffic on our Network as is required to deliver this quality of service, including in some circumstances directing traffic onto different components of our Network such as 3G, 4G, 5G and wifi. You can disable wifi in the settings on your Mobile Phone or possibly other Equipment if you do not wish to use that part of our Network. We may also carry out upgrades, repairs and maintenance works to our Network from time to time. Sometimes technical issues, impaired quality of service or outages on our Network can occur. If something goes wrong, we'll try to fix it quickly. If you experience continuous or regularly recurring disruption to the Services we will endeavour to fix the Services and you may be entitled to a partial credit of your Monthly Subscription Charges to cover the period that your use of our Services was disrupted. To receive a partial credit, please report this disruption to our customer services team by calling 202 free of charge from your O2 mobile. We will assess the disruption against your typical usage history. We may offer you alternative products or services to address the disruption, and an alternative means of accessing the disrupted Services must not be available to you. If our Services are materially degraded for an unreasonable period of time you may be able to leave your Agreement with us early without paying an Early Termination Charge (although you’ll need to pay off any relevant Device Plan). Contact us to discuss your options.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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