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Honour an offer

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I was told to call 202... its been over 6 attempts.


I first want to say how bad the service has been


2nd i want to say ive never felt like a priority or a valued customer.


3rd the actual system is shocking and god Awful 


I have one question that one human can do in a store... and im told to call a number only to get cut off 6 times.


I wanted a contract offered to me for 8 pounds a month this contract i was asked by a staff member in Walsall to call 202 and ask for the contract to be honoured it was

10 pounds with 20% discount

8 pounds a month and as a virgin customer get double data...

Unlimited texts, mins

Data allowance was unknown 


This is now beyond a joke. 

Why ask if i am looking for a device when i have stated I've already purchased a device.

I just want the contract i was given honoured 



Its disgusting how i can find a better deal all the time than whats offered to me instore or in the o2 shops... i mean whats the point of an o2 shop if they cant help... just call the automated sytem 6 times and see if you get anywhere...


Please honour the contract or give me a pac code

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Just apply for it here Your O2 SIM deal (

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