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GPRS charge

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Its a long story ......


Back on the 18th May I changed my tariff from 'Unlimited calls and texts with 8Gb data' to 'Unlimited calls and texts and data'


However, I soon realized that I really didnt need the unlimited data,and set about trying to cancell the change .. I first went into our local O2 shop .. 'Sorry' they said, you will have to do it online or by phone' but they did tell me to say '14 day change of mind' when asked, by the automaton, for a few words describing my reason for calling. That did no good at all but eventually I managed to talk to someone and asked to cancel the change and after some difficulty was informed that it was done .. 


Fine, but I received neither a text nor an email confirming the change nor did my account details mention it so I decided to check via 202 again. The operator apparently couldn't find the information that the change had been made, so we went through the procedure again. I made a point of asking for email confirmation and it duly arrived.


However, instead of the previous monthly charge of £15 it was only £10 but (see extract from the email, below) it now lists a GPRS charge of £1 a day .. 


I replied to the email to query this, only to receive an answer saying  ... 'Thanks for your email, but we have now shut down our email support service.'


Great .. The thought of trying to get through 202 again, and explaining my concern is not my idea of heaven, so can anyone tell me what it is about, and possibly, how I can return to my previous tariff as it was before the 18th May.




Extract from confirmation email ...... 





Thanks for getting in touch regarding your request to change tariff. The

change will take effect from the day before your next bill date -
Your new tariff is Q1 21 Sim Only Unlimited 8GB 24M S6 for 10.00 a
month. Included every month is:
- xxx inclusive minutes
- xxx inclusive texts

- £1 a day GPRS usage (Web Daily).

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O2 Support
O2 Support
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Hi @disco-kid,


I'll tag @O2Lisa to have a quick look into that change for you.

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Thanks for the tag @O2EmmaLouise smiling

I'll message you privately @disco-kid and look in to this for you

My working hours are Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 18:00
Any messages sent outside these time will be responded to on my return.
Thanks slight_smile

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