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Fraudulent call

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I just want to highlight how easy it is to be fooled by these scammers.
I had dozed off when my mobile went off, so was half asleep when I answered.
The person claimed to be from O2 customer relations, and said that with the Covid situation, they were offering a discount.
They questioned whether I was happy with the service, and whether reception was good in the area.
I was asked if I used the O2 application, then said they would send me a code to verify my number.
A code came through, which came through on my O2 text folder - again looking as if it came from a genuine O2 number.
The person said they aren't going to ask for bank/credit card details, and asked me to verify my email address, after they had spelt it out.
They knew how much I was paying for the service, then asked me to verify my secret answer, again the answer to the secret question that they also knew.
They then said a discount would be added and they would verify by email, and it would be seen on my next monthly statement.
I then got a text message from O2 to say my password had been changed.
I went to look at the app, and the email address on my account had been changed also.
I managed to get things sorted, but I noticed in the app that my full bank details are on show, which is a concern - maybe O2 should change that by just showing the last 4 digits of the bank account?
The number that was called from was 0344202020.
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Sorry you got scammed by this.

If you haven't then i would contact your bank and let them know you think your bank details have been compromised.

Also make sure you change any account passwords linked to your email address.

Also please log with Action Fraud.
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We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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