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Fraud Alert!

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This message is to send an alert and awareness to all O2 subscribers and phone Owners and Users. As with most businesses and public resources, there is now a plethora of fraudsters and scammers operating through O2. O2 is well aware of this issue but, as a public facing company, will do nothing to help victims of O2 scam and fraud.

in all my 40 years of owning mobile phones from many phone companies and third parties, for the first time, i had fraudsters and scammers plaguing my O2 phone most of yesterday 22/09/2022. I ran to O2 for help, and received none. Embarrassingly, the scammers were using O2 numbers and customer services techniques to scam me. O2 customer services asked me the same questions in exactly the same way the scammers asked me. It got so confusing that I could not tell one from the other. I had to come to the unswerving conclusion that perhaps in a bid to scale up her business, O2 is working with scammers and fraudsters.

The following are phone numbers you should be wary of: 01526 210024, 0203 840 4722, 2023 287 6812, 0800 840 0202. The scammers called my phone asking me my security questions, and when i gave a false answer, they corrected me by giving me the correct answer. This is an answer only O2 should have but the scammers also had it. There were other information which should have been exlusive to O2 only, but the scammers had it also. In addition to the phne numbers which the scammers used on me, they had names like "Peter", "Smith", "Ben", "Alex". Common with them is the accent which sounded very much of "Indian" origin. One of the phone calls was from Lincoln, London and others were from eslewhere.


Personally, I strongly believe there is an official O2 involvement in all these scamming and fraudulent activities. I hope someone out there can and would call O2 out for this as O2 appears unfazed about it.

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You are right I rang 202,  the lady kept putting me on hold then we got cut off , one of your numbers above called me back same lady this time asking all sorts including my bank details!   Did not sound English.  I rang back 202 next lady very professional changed my contract without my bank details.

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Well done @Climbcrazy50 for being alert ; you cannot be too careful ! 👍

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