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Does O2 lie and cheat?

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Twice, Customer Service promised me to refund the wrongly charged fee (195 Pounds). Unfortunately, despite the assurances, the money did not reach my account. Should they be punished for deceiving people? How to make them do it?

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I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Live Chat
NileshG undefined
Sun 2 Jan15:13Welcome to O2.
Sun 2 Jan15:13You are through to NileshG.
Sun 2 Jan15:13Hello
Sun 2 Jan15:13Hello Kris, Good afternoon, I hope you are well. It's NileshG here, how can I help you today?
Sun 2 Jan15:13Can you read it?
Sun 2 Jan15:13Info: Welcome to O2.

Info: You are through to Mohd Minhaz.

Mohd [Advisor]: Hello, it's Mohd Minhaz here. I hope you're well. How can I help?

Krzysztof: Hello Minhaz

Mohd [Advisor]: Hi Kris

Kris: I contact CS 5 times ask about extra charges of 195.79 Pounds then they always transferred me to the financial department, but the financial department after checking my case always disconnected so still I don't know why I was charged extra for this money. Once only somebody promise me a refund this amount to my account, but it never happened I lost more than 5h and lots of stress cost me this problem, please help!!!! Today I try twice to contact CS and twice I was transferred to the financial dep because CS can't answer my questions. I must to escalate it to OFCOM

Mohd [Advisor]: Thank you for sharing this with us

Mohd [Advisor]: I will check your bill and see what we can do for you

Mohd [Advisor] Minhaz: Let's do a quick security check.

Mohd Minhaz: Please confirm the number you wish to discuss


Mohd [Advisor] Minhaz: Please confirm your full name?

Kris: Kris XXXXX


Kris: Im account holder


Mohd [Advisor]: Fantastic, you have cleared the security check.

Mohd [Advisor]: Please allow me 3-4 minutes to check this for you

Kris: I do it today 4 times!

Kris: If chat will be frozen can you contact me directly by phone, please

Mohd [Advisor]: Thank you for waiitng

Mohd [Advisor]: *waiting

Mohd [Advisor]: Are we connected?

Kris: ok

Mohd [Advisor]: Great

Mohd [Advisor]: I have checked all the details and previous conversation also and in next 24 hours we will add the credit and fix your final bill for the number ending 084And this charge will be removed from your bill

Mohd [Advisor]: The credit will either appear in the 'Recent Charges' section of your bill under 'Other Charges or Credits', or in the main bill under 'Other Charges and Credits'. The credit can take up to 24 hours to show onto your account and will be adjusted on the next bill.

Mohd [Advisor]: This is the case ID [Personal details removed] for what I have promised to you

Mohd [Advisor]: Rest assured I will follow up and get this actioned and will get the Term fee removed form your bill

Mohd [Advisor]: And case ID I gave is the proof.

Kris: So it means, O2 refund me 195.79 Pounds asap. that's correct?

Mohd [Advisor]: In next 24 hours you will get your revised final bill via your registered email and it can also be accessed via my O2 also

Mohd [Advisor]: What will happen this credit will be added in your bill and then you have to contact us after 24 hours, so we can raise refund request for it

Krzysztof: Ok Cool, Thank you

Mohd [Advisor]: Welcome

Mohd [Advisor]: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Mohd [Advisor]: "With O2, it's always more than just a phone.You can download our My O2 App, if you have not done so already. It would help you to check your allowances/Bolt-ons, unlatch your handset and do a lot more, anytime and anywhere. I am sure you would find this useful. "

Mohd [Advisor]: Rest assured I promise it will be done

Kris: Ok thank you

Mohd [Advisor]: Welcome.

Mohd [Advisor]: You can request a copy of this chat, for your records, by simply clicking Email once the chat ends & Once we've finished chatting you'll be able to request a copy of our conversation. Just click on 'End Chat', select the email option and enter your preferred email address)Thank you for chatting with us today.

Mohd [Advisor]: Bye, have a great day and take care

Mohd [Advisor]: .

Info: Kris has left the chat

Sun 2 Jan15:14Please allow me a few minutes to check and help you further.
Sun 2 Jan15:16I'm sorry for any inconvenience, please be assured, I'll check and do my best to help, please allow me some time.
Sun 2 Jan15:16I appreciate your time and patience.
Sun 2 Jan15:20Still checking this for you.
Sun 2 Jan15:20ok
Sun 2 Jan15:22Kris, thank you for sharing your conversation.
Sun 2 Jan15:22To be able to check your account and see what actions are being taken, we'll need to do the security check again.
Sun 2 Jan15:23ok
Sun 2 Jan15:23As every time you contact us on chat we'll need to go through the the security check.
Sun 2 Jan15:23Thank you for waiting.
Sun 2 Jan15:23To be able to access your account and assist you further, let's complete a security check.
Sun 2 Jan15:23Just before we proceed, I want to inform you that if our system identifies a low connection, our chat would be reassigned to another advisor. So if you don’t get my response or if there is delay, please don’t disconnect the chat. The next advisor will have access to our chat conversation and they will continue to help you with your query.
Sun 2 Jan15:23Can you confirm that you wish to discuss the Pay Monthly number XXXXXXXXXX you have already entered? (Yes/No)
Sun 2 Jan15:23yes
Sun 2 Jan15:25Thank you.
Sun 2 Jan15:25Please confirm your full name?
Sun 2 Jan15:26Kris XXXXXXX
Sun 2 Jan15:26Kris: XXXXXXXXXXX

Kris: Im account holder

Kris: password is XXXXX
Sun 2 Jan15:27Can you tell me your security answer please?
Sun 2 Jan15:XXXXX
Sun 2 Jan15:29Thank you for verifying the security details.
Sun 2 Jan15:30Please allow me a few minutes to check and help you further.
Sun 2 Jan15:31ok ,
Sun 2 Jan15:37Than you for waiting.
Sun 2 Jan15:38I see that a bank account refund request has been processed today for £211.8 please allow up to 7 working days for customer to receive.
Sun 2 Jan15:40If not I open case in OFCOM
Sun 2 Jan15:40You can take this chat as a confirmation of the refund action being taken.
Sun 2 Jan15:40It is farse ((( how o2 treat customers ....
Sun 2 Jan15:41I apologise for any inconvenience, please be assured this account has been settled now and you do not need to worry about anything at all, simply keep checking for the refund it will be with you in 7 working days.
Sun 2 Jan15:42before I was promised the same..... and you cheated me-Im Right?
Sun 2 Jan15:42Let me know if there is anything else, I can help you with?
Sun 2 Jan15:42I see all the actions have been taken as promised to you.
Sun 2 Jan15:42Once you get the refund you can contact the bank and cancel the direct debit for the closed account.

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But we can report fraudulent practices here and warn potential customers.


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If O2 deceived me what's the point of complaining to them?

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