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Customer service feedback - Positive

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After reading a few other comments i believe @Dave-O2 is the best person to take this forward.

So i was 'Sold' a data sim via virgin media, which i never really wanted\needed. When i called to cancel. After getting through a few options i was put through to Ariva(from billing i think)

Explaining everything to her and just as we got to the detail our conversation cut off, she was having some IT issues.

I tried to call back, didn't have a clue which option to choose to get back to my query and was on hold.

After a few minutes, my other number rang. It was Ariva. She had gone into the system and got my 2nd number to call me back on.

Sorted out my issue and now all resolved.


I want to say a huge thank you to Ariva, as we were dis-connected, she didn't have to call me back and could have carried on with her day, in i presume is a busy service desk.

Going above and beyond like this is the little things that make a difference.

I hope Dave can see this and pass onto Ariva's seniors to acknowledge her outstanding service i received today.

Thank you Ariva.....👏

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I am sure that @Dave-O2 will be delighted to relay your comments to the relevant team. 

I was very interested to read them too ; we see a lot of moans, groans and complaints posted on here, and it is a timely reminder that O2 has some good, competent staff working for it. 👍 

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Thanks for the tag @Oxonian 


@Maca13 So I can get this sent to the correct area, can you please drop me a PM with your mobile number and the date/time of the call 👍

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