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Another new phone

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I was testing  SIM Free TCL 20 SE 64GB Mobile Phone - Nuit Black 


Was glad to be testing the phone because my S50 kept overheating and taking hours to come back on and i was struggling and had been looking at phones. 


Well after testing the phone for nearly 2 weeks i got to hate the camera on it 😞


It was rubbish and no matter what i tried pics went from ok to bad to worse.


Rest of phone was ok i could just about cope with it. 


I then decided to treat myself to a new phone a Samsung what else lol and after looking at the extortionate prices and how much they had risen astonished 


I went for the Buy SIM Free Samsung Galaxy A02s Mobile Phone - Black | SIM free phones | Argos


Got it tad cheaper from elsewhere slight_smile


Got to say for the price its a good phone and even the camera is better than the TCL 


So nice having a phone i can rely on not just closing down because its overheating and take pics of my Rosie rofl


I just wish Samsung did their own case like they did with my S50 when you opened it phone automatically came on but alas they dont. 


So i had to but a different case .


I cant even sell my A50 its that bad and TCL get nothing for that so will keep them .

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