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02 you are a shambles and a disgrace

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I know this message on this forum is pointless however I just want to say, o2 your customer service is pathetic.

I am still waiting on my 'free samsung tablet' I was promised when I ordered my Samsung phone on 1st June. I have followed your complaints procedure, sent at least 7 emails to your complaints team and 2 to a specific person on your complaints team. I have had 1 proper response to my original email and none to the ones since then. What type of service is this ignoring an official complaint. I've no choice now but to go to the ombudsman. You have no idea how disappointed I am after being a customer for as long as I remember
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In 20 years I've never had a problem with O2. I've also got a contract with EE and also never had a problem with their customer service whereas everyone says how kerap they are. You can only speak as you find.

One thing I can say about O2 is that when things do go wrong, it's a devil of a job to find someone who will take the responsibility of sorting it out. You are passed from person to person, from couriers to store. All down to stats and time per call because advisers are judged on how many calls per hour they deal with. They are penalised for taking too !omg to sort something out properly, hence it's easier to pass you to someone else.

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