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Partnerships in Business

Hi everyone sun


Last Friday, the O2 Silver Clef Awards took place in London, celebrating some of the biggest names in music and recognising outstanding talent and contribution to the British Music Industry. The event is supporting Nordoff Robbins, a charity that O2 partnered with and has supported for many years now. 


                                                Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 13.38.58.png


Looking at their partnership with Nordoff Robbins as a case study, an article on the O2 Business blog detailed the benefits of a Business partnership or sponsorship, and some of the steps to create a successful one. I found it to be quite an interesting read, and thought you guys might like it too: you can read the full article here


Can you think of any other benefits for such partnerships? Is there any brand partnership that really means a lot to you? 


Looking forward to your thoughts smiley


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