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iPhone 7 and connectivity

Hi all


3 days ago I signed an upgrade contract with o2 for an iPhone 7. it runs on ios 10.3.2.

the lady at the store said it would take 24 hrs for the phone to connect to the network.


it has been 72 hours and though it shows service bars and the network provider, i still cannot make or receive calls or texts, nor does my mobile data show up. obviously this has been a massive convenience and is quite frankly unacceptable from o2.


i have trawled through the internet for remedies though nothing works, i shall go to the store tomorrow to see why they are so incompetent.


in the mean time, any suggestions?

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Re: iPhone 7 and connectivity

If it an upgrade like you said try your old sim card in the phone as I did an upgrade to s8+ and sent new sim I just popped the old one I had in
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Re: iPhone 7 and connectivity

If it's showing a network connection the sim must be activate so I suspect a problem elsewhere.
What happens when you try and call?
Can you send a text with the word "Active" to 2020?
Was this just a straightforward upgrade or did you do it due to losing your old mobile resulting in an account block etc?
Any further info you can give us will help us help you better.
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Re: iPhone 7 and connectivity

More info required upgrade or first o2 contract 


remembering we are all customers here only customer service can resolve it if it is account based issue

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Re: iPhone 7 and connectivity

Have you been turning the phone on & off to see if it activates 

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Re: iPhone 7 and connectivity

have you connected the phone to iTunes on your comp via USB lead to see if that will kick start the phone and has full set up been done, if the handset was set up in store take it back to them, sounds like many possibilities but also dont rule out it could be a faulty handset! go back to the store speak to a Guru and see what they can do! it should activate as soon as you put your sim card in but as stated in previous try your old sim card first as the new one might not of activated....

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Re: iPhone 7 and connectivity

Being an upgrade you might also want to check you have the correct data bolt on. Should be idata showing in My O2.
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Re: iPhone 7 and connectivity

when you got the phone was the box sealed?? if its been used as a demo and been set up wrong! also daft question but you havent got it on areoplane mode?? 

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Re: iPhone 7 and connectivity

just tagging @Anonymous in...

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Re: iPhone 7 and connectivity

Hi @Anonymous how are you getting on with this? Is your iPhone up and running now? 

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