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iPhone 7 Plus delivery

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Been a loyal O2 customer for over 10 years and through every single iPhone launch. Pre ordered iPhone 7 Plus 128gb Black (as no jet black available) at 08.25 on pre order day (9/9). Opted for click and collect at store thinking it would be quickest (was last year at least). At one point during one of the many steps and online queues I recall seeing "delivery within 2 weeks" flash up (which on 9/9 I naively took as being another phrase for launch day delivery) but never tonne seen again.


Promptly received confirmation ... with no collection date. Received upgrade confirmation text. And then ... NOTHING!

Walked to the store on launch day and they said they didn't have my order and were clueless as to when I'd received it. Called up O2 CS with same outcome. CS put me on hold for 30 mins and unbeknown to me called up store to ask again when I had already told them what store folk had said. Madness!!

All the while I am receiving text messages from O2 that maybe I should consider upgrading my contract!! BUT I ALREADY DID AND HAVE A CONFIRMATIKN LETTER TO PROVE IT!!! IS THIS A SICK JOKE?!?

@O2admin - your sorry excuse of a team has a day to give me a timeline for my delivery before I cancel my order + upgrade and take my business elsewhere. Have never felt more messed around by a company. Thanks for failing so phenomenally O2!!!
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Jeevster, the main problem most people here have isn't so much the lack of stock. We get that bit.

The problem is the very poor communication and a lack of updates. This has been made worse by people getting different answers from different (or in some cases the same) people.

The worst of the worst are the 'inaccuracies', some might call them lies - through a) the pre-order process, b) by Live chat agents promising phone delivery dates that seem to have little or no basis in reality and c) O2 PR claiming "all affected customers have been contacted" - the responses here (and my experience) would suggest the complete opposite.
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So I had ordered the iPhone 7 bus 32gb matte black on the 9/9/16 I got my confirmation email at 9.32am but since then I have heard nothing from O2.


I went on live chat on 12/9/16 to be told that my phone should be received by the 23rd & I'd receive an email/text shortly, on the 13th I had no email bearing in mind my order confirmation said they would aim to get the phone to me by 13/9/16 which is strange since official release is 16/9/16.


So I ended up chatting again on 14/9/16 to then be told it would be in with 2-4 workiing days (20th being the latest) & that the previous adviser had added me to the priority list & then told me that I would receive the first stock guaranteed.


Then heard nothing again so I decided to do a live chat on 16/9/16, to be told that I am first in the queue for the new stock that was due in on 20/9/16. This adviser then proceeded to guarantee that it would be in on the 20th.


I then spoke to live chat on 17/9/16 after reading some of the forums to then be told that everything that everyone told me was incorrect & I would need to wait for an update on 20/9/16 by 10am which I never received.


I then decided to call up & make a formal complaint on 18/9/16 all systems were down which is understandable. I then called on 19/9/16, spoke to an adviser who told me that everything I had been told was completely incorrect & that I would have to wait up to 6 weeks, that the live chat team would not know anything about stock(which I find ridiculous) & also that there is no such thing as the priority list, I then asked to speak with a manager to file a complaint, the manager came on the phone & assumed I wanted to make a complaint regarding not having the phone, I repeatedly tried to explain that I wasn't making a complaint regarding not having the phone but regarding the misinformation, she then proceeded to offer to call me on 20/9/16 in the morning to remind me to call the store to check my order & then would call me again in the evening to ask if I had received it, she then said this was the best she could offer, my exact words were "I completely disagree with that", while trying to again explain I was making a complaint regarding the misinformation & NOT the fact I did not have the phone I was put on hold & then cut off. I waited 10 minutes for a call back in case this was a mistake, I received no call back.


I then called back, spoke to an adviser who then said she would get a manager for me to speak to, she placed me on hold for a few minutes to then be told she had sent an email to the previous manager I spoke to so she could call me back & that she had CC'd me in this email, I never received this email. I then asked for a manager while still on that call, I was on hold for around 20 minutes to then be told there was no managers & that I would receive a cal back in an hour.


No call back was given so I again called back in spoke with a brilliant adviser who apologised & got his manager on the phone straight away, I then spoke with this manager who said I should not have been told all this information & that the earliest I would receive my phone would be in 6 weeks. I then started asking why this was the case when I have guarantees of the 20th & the 23rd, he then proceeded to tell me that should not be the case, I told him I had screenshots showing this & a guarantee that I am first in line, he asked for me to email this & a copy of my email mentioning the delivery on 13/9/16, I sent him & he said the key word in the email was "aim" as in "aim to deliver by the 13th", I said I don't care about that I care about the fact the advisers were blatantly lying to me. The manager then proceeded to tell me there was nothing he could do. I then told him I wanted to make a complaint & asked about the complaint procedure as ANYONE SHOULD KNOW.


He then told me "I'll fill a form in & they will contact you" I asked him what the timeframes were, he could not tell me & told me complaints told him not to discuss this even though all this information is online, I was int he middle of speaking when he placed me on mute, I stopped & asked why I was on mute he said it was because he was "talking to his colleague", I then told him that the mute button is not for that & that I do not want to be placed on mute again & that I was not happy that he was then talking to a colleague when I was trying to talk to him, he then gave me a half hearted apology, I then again told him I wanted to make a complaint, to which his reply was a heavy sigh & then told me okay. I asked what he was putting in the complaint & he had put in the phone being out of stick, I told him I wanted him to note that I had been lied to & been told that I was guaranteed to receive the phones on these dates & he told me he would, I also done live chat while on call with the manager & the chat agent told me that I would receive my phone tomorrow, manager said it was incorrect & proceeded with my complaint.


I have had no updates at all without me having to chat or call, I called up again today to be told that there was no update due to the contact settings not being set up, I said I receive messages from O2 all the time & I wanted to speak with a manger, I was then told I'd receive a call back.


Still waiting, still annoyed, still looking around for a new provider.

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Holy wall of text batman. Paragraphs mate! 

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Got or had confirmation that their 7+ 256gb matt black has been received by O2 or shipped...


Ordered at 8:50am on the 9th, got confirmation emails and thats it.  Stil waiting, waiting, waiting...


Where is the update today...


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@Anonymous the text update is around 10am today so im to believe.
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I hit fed up with this fiasco/lies/lack of customer service and decided to something about it, checked the apple website yesterday in the morning / no stock ... Checked again just after lunch and they had received various colours of the iPhone 7+ models. (Sheffield- Meadowhall)

I checked and was able to
a. Reserve and buy my phone yesterday (128gb iPhone 7+ black).
B. Join the upgrade program so I can change it next year.
C. It's sim free and as my contract was up and it was a renewal I was suppose to get my preorder on from O2 so will now cancel this..

So Really don't care now what lies they come up this morning / but at least I can put this behind me and won have to deal with this again..
Also my 2nd contract is up for renewal and I all swap this to another provider.
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Everyone seen the update for today - @Anonymous:


Update as of 10:00 21/09/2016 - Good news. We've received more stock from Apple on selected iPhone 7 models. If your iPhone is coming into our warehouse you'll get a text today.

Currently there's still a shortage of the following models:

  • iPhone 7 JET Black 256GB
  • iPhone 7 Plus Black 128GB
  • iPhone 7 Plus Black 256GB

Our customers that have pre-ordered these models are guaranteed to receive the very first phones that hit our warehouse.

Affected customers remain our priority and we'll continue to work with Apple to get them their new iPhones as soon as possible.

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At 9:32 the delivery window would not of been in the first week anyway, which is more than likely why you have had no contact. The update texts are only being sent to those with a late order. You oredered at around the same as me and I too have heard nothing but my ETA was up to six weeks so I never expected to receive wiuthin a week anyway.

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With regards to the 7 Plus black in both sizes is that Matte Or Jet Black ? Thanks
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That will just be matt black, jet would start with JET as the top one is.... I know another week probably to find out...
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