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iPad and messaging

I am wondering if there is a way to send messages on iPad? I get 100 messages with my tariff but it is literally just an iPad with no phone attached to it.


I did a little research and can't seem to figure this out. Any ideas? My iMessage works fine but thats with an email address and I cannot find a way to change this to use the number o2 provided for me. 



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Re: iPad and messaging

@Insider331 I believe that using iMessage is the only way on an iPad.


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Re: iPad and messaging

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No way, sorry.

iPads can't send texts.

The 100 free texts come with all data sims so not specifically targetted to iPads.

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Re: iPad and messaging

I thought so to be honest. Trying to change my email and can't accept my OTAC as the iPad won't receive the message. Frustrating. 

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Re: iPad and messaging

@Insider331 Hi, the only way to send and recieve text messages on a device like an ipad is to purchase a 4G/5G Router, put the SIM in the router, connect to the router via WiFi, you can then send and recieve text msg by logging into the router via a web browser on the ipad.

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Re: iPad and messaging

...or stick the sim in a phone for 10 minutes @Insider331, receive the code and put it back in the iPad

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Re: iPad and messaging

That is actually not a terrible idea. Tried it and works a charm. Didn't realise my phone is a dual sim also, so can use this in the long run.