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cracked my iphone 4 screen without insurance

hey guys,
i have got the new iphone and accidentally dropped it and cracked the screen. (The front screen) i am wondering if anybody else has done this and what they advise me to do and where they got it fixed! i have contacted a local shop who said they could fix it for 75pounds but not sure as i have been told if you go back to o2 they send your phone off and you pay 100 and they give u a new phone!! is this true? any suggestions anybody!! thanks..please help Smiley Happy
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Re: cracked my iphone 4 screen without insurance

Consensus on here is to forget your local shop and o2 and go direct to an Apple store.
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Re: cracked my iphone 4 screen without insurance

£139 from the Genius Bar - but they give you a whole new phone - however I think if it's just the screen it could be a simple repair which is cheaper. It would have been £69 on my daughter's out of warranty 3GS but got it for free. It costs nothing to ask!
PS I found it's easier making an appointment online than phoning Apple Tech Support, friendly though they are it takes time reading out S/N numbers etc - online you just click on an available timeslot and give a few brief details if you want to.