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blacklisted iphone

hey all,

so my mum passed away last year and my dad contacted o2 to let them no that she would no longer be able to pay her contract. they stopped her contract and that but what i want to know is would they have blacklisted her iphone? or can i still insert a sim and use it? also if i can’t use it how would i be able to take it off the blacklist and possibly use it again?

many thanks
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Re: blacklisted iphone

@K8ie1892 it is unlikely they will have blacklisted her iPhone and usually this is reserved for phones that are lost or stolen, the only question may be around if there was any outstanding balance on the device plan
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Re: blacklisted iphone

i think she had some outstanding balance on her account but we didn’t have to pay it off cuz of the circumstances they just stopped the contract, i would have to ask my dad as he was the one that made the call!

thanks for your reply
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Re: blacklisted iphone


Sorry about the loss of your Mum.heart

I think the question remains as to whether your dad paid off the outstanding balance when he informed O2.

If he did, then the phone should work. If he didn't then O2 may have placed a bar on the account as it was no longer active,


The only way to find out for sure is to try a new sim in the phone to see if it works. Or contact customer services... NOT Live chat and see what they have to say. https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus

Best of luck and welcome to the forum Welcome

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Re: blacklisted iphone

No, it shouldn’t be blacklisted.
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Re: blacklisted iphone

Sorry for your loss


If an outstanding balance was due against the phone that would be paid for out of your mum's estate. If there was no estate the balance should be written off


Either way the handset should not have been blacklisted and will work if you put your own sim in it. It may however be locked to O2 depending on when your mum bought the phone as recent phones on O2 are unlocked but O2 did lock their handsets in the past