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Resolved! Iphone unlocking

I sent an unlock request to O2 at the beginning of October and now, the 25th, the only response I've had from them was a standard generated email with links to here or the live chat. Live chat never seems to be open (I am in Oz at the moment so I get...

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Resolved! Unlock Query

Hi, Just a quick one, a few days ago I asked for my iPhone 5s to be unlocked and that I have to wait up to 14 days. In the mean time I have bought an iPhone 6. So I want to know if I can use my sim in the 6 or do I have to wait till I receive the unl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Tesco sim

i have a spare iPhone 5 and my niece has a tesco sim. Will the sim work in the phone as I believe tesco use the O2 network

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International SMS problem iphone 4s

So i'm trying to send a text to a number in the US (Yes the country code and number are correct), it apparently goes through as it doesn't come up with the red ! in a circle like it would if it didn't go through. The user in USA doesn't get my messag...

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Resolved! Data finished

I have 1 GB and when I was on my old phone I usually used none of it or just teeny amount as only looked online when at home or at family and so signed into their wifi. I've been doing same except for last Saturday when I was on train journey for 3 h...

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IPAD and o2 priority

Hi everyone, Apologies if this is tupid but i have an o2 ipad (mobile data) and want to egister for priorty moments so i can get tickets but it says i need a mobile number and code I have a number for the ipad but no idea how to retrieve the code. I ...

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iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

For those that don't know, Apple are offering a free battery replacement program for affected iPhone 5s. Just input your serial number into the weblink below and it will inform you if your iPhone 5 is elligable. My old iPhone 5 (which I gave to my wi...

DinoF by Level 12: Nimble
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My O2 App - Pay Bill/Credit Agreement

I find it very dissatisfying that you are not able to pay your bill on credit agreement on the mobile app, this, for me would be very convenient and others alike. I have a direct debit set up but sometimes I just want to log on to the app and hey pre...

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02 Deal: Referb iPhone 5 for £192 via refresh

Impressive price!!! Trekked to get one for my dad and pay it off in the first month. Do you think O2 mind people doing this as a lot of people do it.

L_W_Ward by Level 11: Motivator
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