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When will iphone 7 Plus drop in price with O2?

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I currently own an iphone 6s plus and my contract ends at the beginning of next month. I am thinking of upgrading to either the 7 plus or 8 plus. I was hoping that the 7 plus would drop in price but I can't see that it has (unless someone on here can tell me different). I am looking at £55 month for 3GB data unltd texts and calls and an upfront cost of £19.99 for the 128GB 7 plus model. 


The 64GB 8 plus model (no 128GB option available) is £54 per month on the same tariff but with a £89.99 up front cost. I was hoping for a bigger price difference netween the two as I was thinking of opting for the older 7 plus- but on this basis it's not that much more to go for the newer model.


The 7 plus price seems to be the same  as it was before the 8 plus was made available for pre-order today. Does anyone know if the 7 plus is likely to drop in price when the 8 plus is actually available next Friday (rather than pre-order) or is this current price likely to remain the same?

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Only O2 will know that sensitive business information I would just keep an eye on the prices etc

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As the 8 will be very limited in supply you won't see a drop in 7 prices until the demand drops for the 8 which probably won't be for at least 6 months.
If refresh isn't important to you, better deals can be had from Carphone Warehouse.
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The 7 +won’t drop dramatically as likely it will hold its price like the 6s+ did
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