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Using Iphone 5 Unlocked from O2 on EE for 4g - NIGHTMARE!

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Can anyone help me with something....


I've an iphone 5 - I had O2 unlock it months ago, so I thought I would try out the EE 4g service in my area (chester).  I got a PAYG sim card, loaded it up - but when in the phone, I never get 4G.  I've done so much troubleshooting with EE its destroying me!


EE put it down to a faulty Iphone, so I went to the apple store on Tuesday, they looked into it and couldn't get 4G - so they swapped the handset - put the sim in and BINGO - 4G is there!! it works - hurrrayy!


Here's the nightmare, so on my way home from Manchester to Chester, I thought I better put my O2 sim back in, and as soon as it connected to the O2 network, a Carrier update came through.


Since then, guess what - no 4G - not matter how hard I try with the EE sim - it doesn't work.  I've wiped the phone, I've even done a full restore and yet I still get the same problem.


I would guess that O2 carrier updates do something to the phone that wiping/restoring simply does not return carrier back to basics!!


Anyone else had this problem - anyone got any suggestions?

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Whoever told you that is wrong.
The iPhone 5 works on band 3 LTE which is the same as EE and Three use.
O2 have now farmed out some of their old 2g frequency so you can also get 4G from o2 now in some areas on a 5.
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