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Trying to swap my sim over after upgrading my iphone 4 to a 5, when I go to the swapmysim o2 website, I put my phone number in as requested, I'm then text the code, I then put the code in within the 30min limit and it tells me the code is incorrect. 

I have now tried this 3 times yesterday and once today and it always tells me the code it is incorrect?

Am I doing something wrong?



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Re: Swapmysim

Try texting swap to 20 220 I used this method other day to swap to my new sim for iphobe5 was sorted in a couple of minutes.
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Re: Swapmysim

That's wierd try clearing your browsers temp files and cookies.

Penny's way works well as wellSmiley Happy
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Re: Swapmysim

I was using Google Chrome to no avail. Tried and failed numerous times.

So I cleared all my cookies etc and tried using Internet Explorer. Worked first time.